Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review: Reed's Raspberry Ginger Brew

Reed's Raspberry Gingerbrew. My lovely wife picked this one up for me at our local co-op, and I can say it is definitely interesting. I have a weird relationship with Reed's ginger brews to begin with-some are too spicy, and the others are a perfect blend of spice, tart and sweet under the right circumstances.
Upon opening the cap, I was awarded with a nice amount of fizz and the pleasant aroma of fruity-ginger. I poured some into a glass for my daughters to try and was surprised by the absolutely gorgeous coloring of this  fruity-soda(pictured above).
This was by far one of the most appetizing looking sodas, and could easily be poured into a wine glass and enjoyed at a fancy meal incognito. That's actually an apt description of this brew-it's almost  like the wine of the soda world. It's tart, sweet, slightly spicy and very refreshing. It is the perfect balance of it's components(raspberry, ginger and cane sugar), and only a slight hint of carbonation so as not add too much acidity to a berry juice drink. 
This is, surprisingly, very reminiscent of carbonated juice drinks,  but it is oh so much better in every way. I couldn't drink this every day, but would definitely be a soda of choice at many a meal.

Packaging -5/5
Reed's has this very fun-beer type of labeling to it, and their fun island view coupled with dark purple, magenta and yellow just compliment the coloring of this drink incredibly well.

Aroma -5/5
Smells exactly like it tastes-wonderful.

Taste- 5/7
Amazing. Tart and sweet perfectly balanced, ginger spice and slightly acidic bite. Probably not for the little ones, but a great compliment to a hearty meal. Definitely not something you'd drink a lot of.

Overall- 15/17
I really want to start reviewing more bad sodas, if just so I can bring down my average review score. That, and I find myself to be more interesting when insulting something...oh well-so it is.

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