Monday, May 30, 2011

My journey starts...

Welcome to my blog. Herein I will document my journey through the process of making my own soda. It has been a long, but sporadic adventure thus far, and my hope is that by having a public venue to relate the experience on, that I will be motivated to work even harder at a hobby I very much enjoy.
I will also be reviewing sodas on a regular basis. That way, I can explain to my readers why a certain soda may inspire me, or what I really enjoy about a particular soda. I also hope to bring some attention to some of the obscure sodas, so that more people the world over can indulge in the wondrous world of carbonated beverages.
I will provide soda reviews, homemade soda recipes, and humorous stories relating to the entire experience.
Knowing me, I tend to ramble and may end up having an interesting story to go along with certain sodas as well, so that should make for some good reading.

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  1. cant wait to read this blog! Keep up the good work :D